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Fitness Classes

Whether you want to strengthen or feel that cardio burn, we have a fitness class for you!

Important: Please let your instructor know if you have any injuries or are pregnant so that we can modify exercises for you.

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Core, Buns, & Guns

Get your heart pumping in our Core, Buns, and Guns class! Tone your upper body, work your legs and buns, and strengthen your core through a combination of low-impact strength training and light cardio. No matter your experience level, you’ll leave this 45-minute class feeling energized.

Cardio Fit

Do you want to get your heart rate up and into the fat-burning zone? Then our Cardio Fit class is for you! Work and tone your entire body in this fast-paced 50-minute class. Sometimes we even change up the scenery by going outside on a nice day!

Tone & Tighten

Our Tone and Tighten class is perfect for any woman who wants to get fit without bulking up on muscle. This class offers a range of fitness benefits, from increasing your metabolic rate to helping you burn more calories throughout the day by building lean muscle. Leave each 45-minute class feeling leaner and empowered.


Tabata is a form of High Intensity Interval Training meant to fire up your metabolism and keep it elevated after your workout. In this 30-minute class, raise your heart rate in order to get to the Fat Burning Zone quicker. Tabata training has been shown to burn fat up to 50% more effectively than low intensity exercise, so you get more done in less time. Try it today and you'll be hooked!

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