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Yoga, Pilates & Barre Classes

From vinyasa to barre to prenatal yoga, find a class that fits you!

Important: Please let your instructor know if you have any injuries or are pregnant so that we can modify poses for you.

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Individual Yoga, Pilates, & Barre Classes


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Our Vinyasa Flow class is full of fun, energetic poses that will help you tone and strengthen your body. By focusing on surya namiskar (sun salutation) sequences, you will gain a greater body awareness by connecting your breath and movements. This hour-long class is perfect for ladies of all experience levels who want to leave the session feeling challenged and invigorated.

Candlelight Vinyasa Yoga

Like our Vinyasa Flow class, our candlelight class is centered around the synchronization of breath and movement to help you connect in a more balanced way to your body. As you find your sweet spots, build your muscle, and increase your flexibility, you will cultivate focus by taking the time to transition from the beginning to the end of each pose. Leave each class feeling calm, grounded, and energized. This hour-long class is perfect for ladies of all levels of experience.

Yoga Sculpt

Keeping the breath work, keeping the flow, adding some intensity! In our Yoga Sculpt class, we do many of the movement sequences from our Vinyasa Flow class but add intervals of strength training. Increase your muscle strength with squats rows, lunges, and crunches, while gaining a greater body awareness through surya namiskar sequences. This hour-long class is perfect for ladies of all levels of experience.

Pilates Fusion

Looking for a total body conditioning routine to help you build flexibility and strength? Our Pilates Fusion class can help you do just that! This 50-minute class focuses on increasing your endurance and concentration while improving coordination in your legs, abdominals, arms, and back through a series of movements. We also incorporate light weights and band work during some sessions. Whether you are new to pilates or have been practicing for years, this class will help you reach your fitness goals.


Our BUTI Yoga class is a combination of traditional yoga asana, cardio-intensive bursts, tribal dance, conditioning, plyometrics and Celebrity Trainer Bizzie Gold's unique Spiral Structure Technique (SST). Each class utilizes deep core engagement and primal movement while listening to hard hitting and energetic playlists. This movement experience transforms the body from the inside out!



Tone and sculpt at the Barre! In this 50-minute class, we use both body weight and light weights to sculpt the arms, tone the abs and work the glutes. Use both the mat and the Barre to strengthen your core through this low impact exercise.

Important Note: You MUST sign up in advance. We have limited space on the Barre. Those on the wait list will get an email within 4 hours of the class start time if space becomes available. Please note that if you are placed into class from the wait list, you must be able to attend or the $10 no-show fee applies.

Specialty Yoga Classes


Prenatal Yoga

Calling all moms-to-be! In our prenatal yoga class, we focus on basic Hatha Yoga poses designed to prepare your body for labor & birth.

We will practice breathing techniques and meditation that will help you reduce stress and boost confidence. Practicing prenatal yoga helps you increase your stamina, ease lower back and shoulder pain, reduce stress and tension throughout your body, and best of all, helps your baby receive increased oxygen! Our supportive environment will enable you to share your experiences with other moms-to-be and begin to bond with your baby. These 1 hour and 10-minute classes are part of an 8-week series separate from our other studio offerings.  Click the Schedule button for our latest series. 

Postnatal Yoga

Are you a mom looking to get back into a yoga or fitness routine? Then our Postnatal Yoga class is for you!

This class is designed to reintroduce you to your yoga practice. Safely re-strengthen and rehab post-delivery by connecting with core and pelvic floor. Take this time to bond with your baby and take care of yourself. Take this time to bond with your baby while taking care of yourself. We welcome all non-crawlers to attend class with mama. These is a 6-week series separate from our other studio offerings. Click the schedule button for our latest series.

Family Yoga

Family yoga fun with Kidding Around Yoga! Play and connect with your little one and have that special "Yoga date!" We use yoga with fun music and games to help you and your child have a wonderful bonding experience through fitness. Click the schedule button to find our latest family yoga date.

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